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I want to be an IBM Champion Again!

Devin Olson  October 31 2018 04:09:19 PM
(Nothing like waiting until the last minute)

I have been an IBM Champion for the last three years and would really like to continue this trend.  It is something that makes me very happy.

I have been heads down crazy busy for the last month with work and trying to get my house ready to sell; and kept putting this off until now.

IBM Champion Nominations are open until COB on November 1, 2018.  

For all of you who know what I do, please take some time to nominate me for IBM Champion 2019

Yes, I realize a failure to properly plan on my part does not constitute an emergency on your part, but I really would appreciate it if you would do this for me.  Besides, life would be pretty darn boring without an occasional dose of panic and pressure.

I ask that you please go to the IBM Champion site (
https://developer.ibm.com/champions/nominate ) and nominate me.  

Here are the basic facts for you to provide:

This person should be an IBM Champion in:


I have permission from the nominee to give you these details
make sure the box is checked

First name:

Last name:

devin.olson@azlighthouse.com, devin@redpillnow.com

Job Title:
Master Solutioneer
Red Pill Now

United States

Nominee's company is a GOE:

make sure the box is NOT checked

Nominee’s company is a:

IBM Business Partner,
and ISV

Why should this person be an IBM Champion:

Devin regularly shares his expertise and provides guidance and help to all who ask.  He is an active member of the community and participates in forums, chats, and discussions about IBM Collaborative Software (ICS) and other industry related topics.  He promotes ICS Solutions whenever and wherever appropriate.

Devin runs the LearningXPages website (learningxpages.com) and writes blog articles and whitepapers regarding ICS technology.  Devin has also been a featured speaker at various conferences such as Engage, Icon UK, and Collabsphere (formerly MWLUG).  Devin helped with the planning and content selection for Collabsphere 2018.  Devin is an active member of the Domino on Linux community.

Devin provides expert development services to various customers of Red Pill Now.

Devin was an active participant in the Domino V10 panels and Beta program, and additionally provides input into the Notes / Domino V11 discussions.  

What IBM product(s) does the nominee’s work focus on

IBM Notes/Domino, IBM Verse IBM Sametime

Social Media Accounts:


https://www.facebook.com/default.xsp (yes, really default.xsp)

Thank you!